Crushed (erotic) (#3, 101 Nights)

Crushed (erotic) (#3, 101 Nights)

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Lizzy Ford By LizzyFord Completed

Recommended for 18+.
A growing danger neither of them expects ... 

A stranger swears he can help Natalie escape her gilded cage, but does she want to? The man she thought was too cold for human emotion has a tender side, one she begins to realize that she alone is allowed to see. Elijah is damaged yet caring beneath his need for control – and only she can help him learn to love again. 
Her mind made up, she refuses the stranger’s help. Soon after, she discovers a new secret that leaves her reeling, one she must keep from Elijah at all costs, one that makes her run rather than face him again.

When she disappears, Elijah initially suspects she’s left him after learning about his past, only to find out that the truth is far beyond his worst nightmare. 

To save Natalie’s life, Elijah will be forced to face his dark past and the secrets he left behind long ago.

Written under my pen name, SE Reign.

  • billionaire
  • contemporary
  • prince
poohbearcutiie poohbearcutiie Apr 04, 2016
Maybe if he opened up to her, they can develop an actual relationship that they both wanted and live happily ever after with their heir and she will be able to help him not turn into his father! How about that!?
PandaLover200 PandaLover200 Feb 14, 2017
secrets, secrets are no fun
                              secrets, secrets hurt someone
                              -the stripper
poohbearcutiie poohbearcutiie Apr 04, 2016
Becuz she offers more than just sex....she is a genuine person at heart! And you are getting to like that!
golden_galaxy golden_galaxy Mar 24, 2016
Don't kid yourself ppl, he's only extending their contract for the hope she'll produce an heir
bonnona bonnona Jul 05, 2016
It pisses me off that she has to ask to touch him, his possessiveness is not healthy. Especially if he plans to continue on this relationship past the three months they are together
bear1997 bear1997 Jul 04, 2015
How come this guy is always carrying vibrators in his pocket!?0.o