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OHSHC x reader

OHSHC x reader

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hikaluhitachiin By hikaluhitachiin Completed

Chapter 1:
(Y/n): your name
(Y/L): your last name
(H/L): hair length
(H/C): hair colour 
(E/C): eye colour 

Haruhi Pov

"This place has 3 libraries, you would have thought that at least one of them would be quite." I say to my best friend (Y/n). 
"We could try a music room, I hear one of them is abandoned." (Y/n) says
I nod.
We walked up a pink staircase leading to a music room.
"Music room 3" (Y/n) says
I grab the handle and open the door. To find a host club. I glanced at (Y/n) and she was trying to hold her laughter in by clutching her stomach, her (H/L) (H/C) hair swayed as she chuckled.

Tamaki Pov

We all stood in position, I sat in the chair positioned in the centre, the twins stood to my left as Mori, Honey and Kyoya stood to my right. Then little Lukia sat in front of me.
"Hey Tamaki?" Lukia asks
"Yeah,whats wrong?" I ask
"There's someone stood at the door" she says
I looked over and sure enough there was a girl with (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair, and a boy with brown eyes and sh...

Anime2467 Anime2467 May 08
Seriously you added two characters there is no lukia and it is suppose to be spelled rukia because the japanese language has no L's
Me : as soon as I read the name Lukia I immediately thought of alois trancy and his horrible past!😭
                              Ceil : he's just a snot nose brat😒
                              Me : well he has a horrible past your past is were you just lost your parents!when alois lost his bother and got sexually abused every day!!!😲
Ah, so Lukia is an OC that will be a love interest for Haruhi then~
SheaTheNerd SheaTheNerd Nov 30, 2016
LET IT GOOOO  honesty I would just let it go and be laughing
I was about to ask who's lukia but then I saw that everyone's raging about who's lukia so imma just *eats popcorn*
TBH I'd I'd take Haruhi by the hand and run down the hallway, saying" Heh! PLOT TWIST!!!" With a poker face... XD