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Code Of Blood

Code Of Blood

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Miranda Katelyn Cox By yanglovesyin Updated 12 hours ago

Formally German Mafia King.
  He is ruthless
  He is powerful
  He is a sexgod
  He is the mafia
  He is Torr.
  She is kind
  She is hard working
  She is self hating
  She is forgiving
  She is Myranda
Fast paced, and abrasive, Torr brought Myranda into the world of his chaos. He knew he couldn't let her leave. Regardless the reason he gave. She drew him to her. Her eyes, her smell, those lips he wanted to kiss. And he knew his power meant danger. He knew he meant danger, but in his world, nobody double crossed him, and certainly not his women. So, pray-tell why another would try anything on her without a death wish? But this isn't just Torrs world. And being ruthlessly dangerous didn't necessarily institute her safety, but by god if she was touched, he would kill. It's in the letters, curved through the sentences, traced in the chapters, written in his code of blood. 
  (This is a quick pace love story, but it has a lot of detail and things that happen, so it is not a short story. They just fall in love quicker.)
  "You're just a monster! A ruthless asshole ! All you do is hit or kiss me, and I hate it. I hate it so much that I fucking love you okay?" I screamed out, still pinned hard against the wall.
  Torr looked at me anger, not knowing what to say.
  "Let me go. Please. I want to be far away from you. Don't you trust be yet? I have done everything! And Beany knows because of you! I won't tell and I don't want to! I want to forget about you and move on."
  His grip tightened as he growled out "I'm going to make damn sure that you won't ever fucking leave."
  "Why?" Tears welled into my eyes once more. 
  "Because you are mine. from the time you stumbled across that murder. You we're mine and now you still are, and you will always stay close."
  I shook my head which lead him to whisper I my ear.
  "You won't ever get to far from me."

raeluv12 raeluv12 Mar 21
Everybody here commenting their weights and and heights 😂😂😂
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wow not even half a chapter in and we're already slut shaming