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Belonging to Him || Book 1

Belonging to Him || Book 1

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Allison-Blanchard By Allison-Blanchard Completed

WARNING: this series is horrible, I will be completely honest in saying that this entire series is one hell of a mess so if you still want to read it, you've been warned 

The town of Burbank was in a very secluded part of Montana, surrounded by miles and miles of trees and mountains. Hardly anyone outside of the town knew of it's existence. There in that town, was a pack of werewolves, run by Alpha Dominick. He was young and had quite the temper but was a great leader for the pack.  They owned the town, not a single human living there. That is until Grace Alfero and her father show up.
      Fear strikes the town at the thought of humans living there, fearing that they may uncover the secret of Burbank. Dominick was quick to ease their worries, stating that they were 'mere humans who know nothing of anything.
      Dominick's mind is quick to change once he spots the human girl, the beast within him craving the innocence of the young girl. Dominick wanted her, and he wasn't going to stop for anything to get her.
      Grace took notice of the handsome man, curious as to why he was bothering her so much. She was attracted to him just as much as he was to her, but she didn't have an animal inside of her that made that craving worse. 
      After Grace found out something that happened to herself at a party she was quick to get out of the house, running to take a breather, get some fresh air to clear her mind. That was when she saw them. Two abnormally large wolves fighting in a clearing. Panic struck her and she stumbled all the way back, fear consuming her at the thought of the two wolves following after her and making her their next meal. Would this incident cause Grace and her father to leave the town? Would Dominick achieve his goal at making Grace his?

Lmao I just went to a The 1975 concert. Made my whole life 😬😩😂
what is she like 13 with a superiority complex? people like different music get over it
lalalandeh lalalandeh Aug 12, 2016
I get what she means but whenever there are tons of people I feel as though all of them are staring at you
xojanella xojanella Feb 16
i've been in this situation before, but now my parents aren't getting a divorce anymore. (:
xx_lucia_horror_xx xx_lucia_horror_xx Apr 15, 2016
I do the same thing I HAVE to know what kind of music the person is in to to even think about being friends with them lol
LouWeezer LouWeezer Jul 21, 2016
Massachusetts to Montana? How does that work for weekend visits?