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Sakura's Sister, Sasuke's Crush?

Sakura's Sister, Sasuke's Crush?

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Splash By SplashGirl3 Updated Feb 28, 2016

Misaki Haruno is Sakura's sister! Sakura hates her though. Misaki was better at her in everything even though she is 16 months younger. Sakura's hate when she was young (as in like 6 years old) eventually drove Misaki away and now she is back after the 4th Great Shinobi War. Misaki still loves Sakura even though she hated her. Piece by piece their relationship mends together again and a new one forms with Sasuke and Naruto. Maybe even a special relationship with Sasuke but will Sakura hate her again if she figures out?

11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL 2 days ago
Wait wait wait.. that doesn't make sense... if she's younger by 6 months, that means that she's premature... but then how did she get all the bust?
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL 2 days ago
Oh... OH OH OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I actually forgot Sakura doesn't have any busy. Even in Shippuden. XD whoops. Now I'm just wondering how I could forget such a thing...
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL 2 days ago
*grabs both of their arms, drags them into his house, shoves them inside, finds a closet, locks them into the closet* Have fun in there honeys~! I'll be back in a couple of hours~~~
Miku_Kasumi Miku_Kasumi Dec 09, 2016
What... pregnancy takes nine month right, unless she is premature but that would be too early right ... unless, her embryo developed later then Sakura but that makes ablsolutly no sense😖😖 Biology confuses me
gabrielle_alert911 gabrielle_alert911 Apr 24, 2016
Okie dokie sasuke okie! Lets goooooo*pulls him out of the ramen shop*uhh....wait wheres your house first?
xBunnyxMonstahx xBunnyxMonstahx Jun 30, 2016
-Closes my eyes- Please dont be annoying please dont be annoying PLEASE DONT BE ANNOYING