working for him. (18+ mature content)

working for him. (18+ mature content)

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Jade Cumberbatch By jadywady12 Updated Aug 28, 2015

Waking up was the worst thing ever. I streched my arms and looked around my room. I then noticed the mess I had left on the floor from the night before. I went to a crazy party and a lot of stuff happened and I can't really remember much. As I got out of bed I felt pain shoot up my left leg. I pulled away the sheets and uncovered a swollen ankle. I gasped at it and tried to walk but my ankle refused to do anything. 

"Mum!" I cried out hoping she would here me. She came into my room and a dissapointed look crossed her face.

"Well you finally noticed what you did. Today you start your first job and you get pissed the day before. I brought you up better than that." She spat. Personally I didn't care what she thought but all I wanted to know was how the hell this happened. 

"How did this happen mum?" I sighed. She rolled her eyes then spoke again.

"You was hit by a car but luckily it was going at the speed of a grandma leaving you with a damaged leg and not a scrambled head." I sighed ...

adognamedcharles adognamedcharles Aug 20, 2015
Just realised his names Ryan Evans :'D ... Where's sharpay at