Cute boys and ducks (duck dynasty fanfic)

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nialler100 By nialler100 Updated 3 years ago
When eighteen year old Caitlin moves to West Monroe she meets the wealthy, duck call making, Robertson clan. She has seen them on TV, but now she's face to face with the entire Robertson clan. Now she has no choice but to put on her camo and get ready for the ride of her life time.
@blitchesbetrippin OMG I HAVE ANOTHER WEST MONROEEIAN ON WATTPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, I'm dying @RedLipStick13 Me too! I'm laughing so hard. I mean. They are amazing. My cousin grew up with Willie and the other brothers. They are awesome to be around! I live in Bastrop By the way. (:
Yesssssss! Lol. You are an amazing writer : p. And I when I first started reading it I was just happy it was Duck Dynasty, but as I kept reading and realized it was about John Luke I was soooo happy Haha.
Finally!!! A Duck Dynasty story!!! and it's good! lol. Pleaseeeeeee write more! : )