Adopted- The Prime-Ministers Daughter

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A Watty Award winner. Hazel is determined to leave the orphanage, but why would anyone want to adopt a seventeen year old? Her only hope is to go through with the plan that only she can do. But what if that plan included betraying the most influential people in their country? 
    Hazel has to choose between what she knows is right and her selfish wants. When Astra puts the plan into full swing, who will Hazel choose?
    On the sunny beach of Wake Summer Island, Hazel stands in between the De Zilva family and the paradise she has always wanted. Hazel has to figure out what she wants more, freedom or the caring family that she has grown to love. Who will she choose? Read on to find out!
Beginning paragraphs are the first thing that lets me decide if I want to continue reading a story or not,and I'm definitely going to keep on reading this one.
The diary \"in the baby\'s soft hands\" - it is under the blanket, and will end up in the baby\'s hand.  The lady at the door picks the baby up out of the basket;  I hope she grabbed the basket with the diary!
this beginning reminds me of that movie, meet the robinson's xD
Started this and it was OH SO GREAT! Keep it up! Oh, and by the way, the cover kind of ahm..reminded me of THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Exupery. (the birds--migration) hahahaha.
@Booksaregreat no problems, it's seriously awesome! You should consider publishing! 
                                    And again, sorry abou that....i feel bad now :(
This. IS. Freaking. AMAZING!! I love itt! NIce to see a plot that isnt the same as most of the others on wattpad :P
                                    I'd be grateful if you checked out my story, its called The Life and Times of Zac Claxon....i sorta stole Hazel's name though...sorry about that :P