Miss Charming :: Daithi de Nogla

Miss Charming :: Daithi de Nogla

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((Daithi de Nogla FanFic))

They're both popular YouTube gamers, finding interest in playing for others to watch and find interesting. She's just about to reach one million subscribers, and he's gone beyond that.


Known more popularly as MissCharming, Annabella Reyes has been hiding behind a computer or television screen, enveloped in any video game she could get her hands on ever since she fell behind in her high school career. So, with a little money thrown in, she decided to make the best of it and became a YouTuber. She didn't expect much to come out of her videos, but after a few months, they started to become popular, and she became noticed, her subscriber list growing exponentially.

But things change for her when she gets an offer to join a gameplay in GTA V with Vanossgaming. Yes, the Vanossgaming. Agreeing, that changes her life and person forever, and maybe for the better.

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Taped_Up Taped_Up Sep 22, 2017
we sang that song in choir today xD what's even better is that my BF is in my class.
MrKeefMan MrKeefMan Mar 11, 2017
That what happens between My friend and me but I never sing good
Fangirl__time Fangirl__time Aug 18, 2016
Omg I thought you deleted this book! I'm so glad that I found it again!
jekwoap jekwoap Jul 26, 2016
this was a great story
                              I hope your making it even better! :)
TimeHealsAllWounds TimeHealsAllWounds Mar 13, 2015
Mo-ti-va-tion. Mo-ti-va-tion. MOTIV-FREKING-VATION. 
                              Your welcome.