Your Highness (Lesbian Story)

Your Highness (Lesbian Story)

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"Excuse me, Are you Cameron Peters ?" The girl asked me. I nodded. Then, Both guards grabbed my arm gently and starts walking to a black Range Rover. One of them opened the car door and gently shoved me in the car. God, If they want to kidnap me please let me say goodbye to my car first.

After a few minutes, The girl came into the car. She looked at me and smiled gently. I smiled back. I'm confused what to do.

"Don't you worry, We won't hurt you. Your Highness" The girl said warmly.

My eyes widened in shock.

TeAmoYenna TeAmoYenna Aug 28
Of coarse,describing herself isn't bad afterall,when all she said she got..
YhloSinn YhloSinn Jun 28
CN TOWER❗️❗️<<<<<I saw that from youtube i never been to canada😂
The girls would look at me weirdly like what is this creepo trying to do?
KleinStory KleinStory Aug 05
Their eyes widened in shock. And my eyes widened in shock because their eyes widened in shock.
or more like , i wish girls at my school were as straight as a circle like these girls
Wtf i just read a book bxb and the guys nane is cameron WTFFF