The Theory Of Everything (Watty Awards)

The Theory Of Everything (Watty Awards)

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The Person Who Is Not You By thelead Updated Jul 14, 2017

#25 Romance 
#29 Theory

#56 Mystery/Thriller
#57 Teen Fiction 

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{ based on a true story }


"I want to learn everything about you --- flaws and mistakes, your happiness and weakness. I want to fall in love with you for all of it. That's my theory", he said looking directly at me.

I gulped and looked back at him shakily, "Everything?"

He nodded; determination written all over his face, "Everything."

Two teenagers -- 
two strangers --
each having their own past to share. Their own secrets to keep. 

Their own theories to give.

What would happen when along the way one falls in love while the other doesn't?

Eli's love story and how she fell in love.  Started with a theory. Of pretty much everything. 


warning:  will make you 
laugh,  cry, love, scream, smile, and teach you the meaning of reality.

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25nightfury 25nightfury Oct 16, 2016
It's mee I was wondering after all these years 
                              Sorry I just had to do that 😅
MissChiaki MissChiaki Aug 07, 2016
I am excited to get to get to know the characters in this book.I am excited to see their change throughout the story and be one with them as they ride along with life and see where that would take them.
kamida1 kamida1 Feb 20, 2017
There's a MOIVE called the theory of everything it was so good
attenshunseeker attenshunseeker Mar 30, 2016
Caught up on the whole book today. Love it, so happy with how it turned out. You're awesome :D
halbtot halbtot Sep 18, 2016
tbh the reason why I started this book is because of the film "The Theory of Everything" and I love it, so I'm sure I'll love this book too, even when it's not about science or cosmology ☺
eva_maree eva_maree Aug 15, 2015
This book is not based off the book 'the theory of everything' is it? Like is that not CR?