Blame Newton

Blame Newton

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Annie M. By randomthingsbyme Completed

When popular, witty and gorgeous Courtney Richards failed
most of her Physics exams, Mrs. Richards wasn't amused. It's either she will
have to repeat another year or let Drake Collins, her mom's friend's son tutor

Cute and smart Drake Collins didn't like the idea of
tutoring girls because they would often flirt at him. So, tutoring the head
turner, Courtney Richards has never crossed his mind not until his mom demanded
him to.

She is friendly and popular. He is quiet and a keen
observer. She hates Physics and he likes it. He hates parties and she likes it.
So when the two has to help each other out, there was too much clash with their

Gravity. Friction. Magnetism. Tension. Oh screw it, just
blame Newton.

A Young, Wild and Married spin off and/or prequel.
Can be read as a stand alone.

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LeciraRocks LeciraRocks Jul 18, 2016
I never gonna let myself get an F on any subject. Her mum is strong willed.
SimplyFashionista_ SimplyFashionista_ Mar 10, 2015
firstly the cover is just beautiful! Abd the prologue is so funny, I love the character already. the mother woah! she is so stern. eurgh I hate physics too! totally added to my reading list!
monoatomic monoatomic Mar 08, 2015
I have fallen in love with your cover and trailer (Emma and Andrew!!)
                              Also the plot is very interesting and Courtney reminds me of myself in Physics (not that I get D, but I'm not so good). It's a good thing that the MC's a normal teen rather than the overused nerdy or most popular girl
FittingMisfits FittingMisfits Feb 25, 2015
What's wrong with me? I am imagining two characters of the same story (kinda) as the same person
guyswithguitars guyswithguitars Feb 23, 2015
I really like how your intro flows and it already clearly stated that, that's how THEY'LL met. And sometimes I can relate with her cuz when I failed in tests and there comes my mom. But nevertheless, I love how you started it and I'm sure it would be awesome to read this book
thefoodthief thefoodthief Feb 22, 2015
I saw Andrew and Emma on the cover and I went like: okay, I'm definitely going to read this book.