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Nerd (Lesbian Story) [Completed]

Nerd (Lesbian Story) [Completed]

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megannn By megannn Completed

Ever wonder what school life could be like if you weren't the norm.
Rebecca Wilson has two identities; school she is a book worm nerd - outside she is what all guys would consider attractive.
With her two identities, she keeps her personal life away from her school life so she doesn't have to put up with the harassment she endures during school.

Sassyxmuke Sassyxmuke Dec 30, 2016
See this kinda describes me bc that's my eye colour and I have somewhat brown hair
Gessie01 Gessie01 Jan 23
My school starts at 8:10
                              I literally leave the house at 7:30
allypbae allypbae Jan 11
Her only disguise mechanism was putting up her hair in a bun?
emmypotter emmypotter Sep 21, 2016
i think she should go to school like with makeup and stuff so they don't recognise her and aren't mean to her
kiki0702 kiki0702 Feb 09
"Marry me Rebecca"
                              "I.....I don't love you....whoopsies!"