Rock God

Rock God

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❝ Nerds can play cupid too ❞


In which a girl plays cupid for a boy she loves in order to be happy, but somehow finds herself in a mix of trouble; as well as learning to come to terms with who she is. 

Welcome to the high school where it's all about survival of the coolest. The cool kids chill right next to the snack line, the nerds stick in their own corners, and the musicians get the middle of the café so everyone can hear their music. Fort Myers Florida seems like a great place to live, but when you're the biggest nerd in your high school, trying to get your long time crush into a good relationship, all seems like nothing but hell.

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** contains strong language **

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AwkwardBeing99 AwkwardBeing99 May 04, 2016
This is the first book I have found so far after reading most good books on wattpad that actually grabs my attention. I'm so happy
Fatima_Yusuf Fatima_Yusuf Aug 25, 2016
Wow tbh/ u chose the best actor as kenton...i love NICK ROBINSON to DEATH!❤️❤️😘
partiallytired partiallytired Jan 09, 2016
partiallytired partiallytired Jan 09, 2016
*clears throat* some guys at school should be doing this, no offense to them
partiallytired partiallytired Jan 09, 2016
that moment when shirt looked like shít i was about to say "damn, the story haven't even started and she's already mad"