There's Something About Him (Complete)

There's Something About Him (Complete)

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IsaCherryAnne By AnnaIsali Completed

Book One: The Daimon Brothers Series

Normally you find a clique and spend your high school years fitting nicely into that little niche but Alira has never experienced that.

By anyone's standards she beautiful and sweet, a student who is academically gifted and who accepts everyone's right to exist without causing a fuss but the cheerleaders actively hate her and the rest of the school ignores her existence in the hopes that the Queen Bee won't turn her cruelty onto them. 

It's made her a borderline introvert as she struggles to complete her education no matter how much her loneliness hurts.

What everyone seems to have missed is that she carrying the weight of a thousand secrets - the most extraordinary of which is that her parents are VIP's. A business man who counts America's most powerful men as friends for a father and a mother whose clothing design label is as revered as Gucci.

What will happen when her world is turned upside down and she meets the school's newest celebrity? And what is it about his older brother that makes her feel beautifully normal?

Book cover credit: Sanaabdul321

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dilucas4444 dilucas4444 Sep 24, 2017
Am I the only one who's noticing the difference in shades of skin between her hand and her face?
TazzyR01 TazzyR01 Nov 09, 2017
I wanna go to the highschool on wattpad so I can be rich as well ;)
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Nov 12, 2017
Lol then there's my parents
                              Mum in hospitality her whole life my dad working the forklifts his whole life
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Nov 12, 2017
Right she's smart so she must give sexual favours for her brains
                              I mean who's ever really smart these days, right? I guess my best friend also does that for her straight A's, considering smart people OBVIOUSLY don't exist 😒
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Nov 12, 2017
                              And you know they aren't worth it, be yourself! (Why am I acting like this I'm a #rr I know what happens lol)
rosaguy rosaguy May 08
gonna imagine Barbara cause the girl on the cover looks lil old soz😭