Red of Berlin

Red of Berlin

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Brilliant and headstrong, Adèle Roche is a Jewish-born Frenchwoman. She has a loving family, but they're taken from her when they are deported from their hide-out in an attic, and she becomes the only remaining survivor of her family after escaping the clutches of the Nazis. 

Then there's Michael Armbrüster. An SS officer, who spots the fiery red-haired Adèle when she is running away. He's enthralled, completely forgetting she is Jewish. What does he do? Take her in to his home, as a personal companion. 

He may have fallen in love with the poignant young Jewish woman, but that didn't stop him from taking out his ways on others when he needed to. He wasn't above it, until Adèle came into his life. 

What will make of these two? This couple that would never cross paths unless tested by the faith of God himself. Can man change for an enemy? Maybe, if he loves that enemy enough.

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BernardCamano BernardCamano Sep 22, 2017
I love this book and the story.. worth spending time reading..... Kudos!
ZackBell7 ZackBell7 Jul 26, 2017
Bruhhhhhhhh missed opportunity to bring up the einzatgruppen it's a shame that they are always less known even though they were the dispatchers
AlyssaNixole AlyssaNixole Mar 27, 2017
I was searching up the cast members and I see that Ralph looks like a 50 year old, but then I double check and it says (Young) after his name. Hahaha
DaveAndallaza DaveAndallaza Sep 16, 2017
Wow. It  was very amazing that I enjoyed to read this your book from historical fiction, and berlin had everything. But I suggest you, you can give us these are many of another book about!!!! Thanks.
- - Jul 21, 2016
Do you know how bloody long I'm been trying to find a story like this!!! It was madness!! I can die happy XD
AlphaCallisto AlphaCallisto Mar 31, 2015
The second book of yours that I am reading and I already know I am going to love it