The Alpha's Abused Mate

The Alpha's Abused Mate

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lunawolf6784 By lunawolf6784 Updated Feb 16, 2015

Lilly Turner is a werewolf. She hasn't shifted yet, but she will in the next few week's. She is in the Red Moon Pack. She was the beta's daughter until they died in a rouge attack trying to save her. Everyone blamed her for their death's, they bullied her at school and at the pack house. Her older brother hated her two. She was tall, dirty-blonde hair down to that ended right under her shoulder's, her eyes changes colors to: blue, green, hazel, and golden, she's super skinny because they don't let her eat much, she's tan, and she is the packs slave.

John Blackner is the Alpha's son. He is a year older than Lilly and is her worse bully. He has shifted and his wolf is solid black. He is tall, has black hair, his eyes are a light green color, he has a medium build, and he sleeps around with at least 2 sluts a day.

What will happen when they find out their mates?? you'll have to read to find out. ;) 

~I'm only making this book because a friend insisted that I try do make one again.

Foxxy70787 Foxxy70787 Jul 15
I used to run a mile in 16 minutes but now I can run one in 7-8 minutes. But i ran a 5k once in 45 minutes...
Nooby_Noob Nooby_Noob Apr 03
Maybe it's because she is weak and injured, so she had a slower pace then others?
megmcc2003 megmcc2003 Jul 27
I don't know which attic your in but ours doesn't have Air conditioning never mind running water.
God-of-Darkness God-of-Darkness Sep 01, 2016
I look this up and in 20 minutes you can walk 1 mile on average
llKatll llKatll Oct 22, 2016
If it takes 2 hours to run a mile, she must be in pretty rough shape. People run marathons in shorter
UnivivTheVivicorn UnivivTheVivicorn Mar 30, 2016
I've known this song for almost a year now and I just LOOVE it so when I saw it in this book I of course loved it 10 tomes more and that's saying something cuz this is a good book so far