vixen \\ h.s. au

vixen \\ h.s. au

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Bella By banananutharry Updated Sep 03, 2016

"I knew from the moment I saw her hiked up pleated skirt and dangerous smirk that I was in for it. "

Warning: explicit content without warning; i.e. swearing, minor daddy! kink, underage relationship, underage usage of substances, and smut. If any of those things make you uncomfortable I implore you to not dive in to the depths of this story. I recommend no one under the age of 15 but it's ultimately your choice. 

enjoy. xx

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Jarmon, Emanni Grade 12
                              Wake Forest rollesvile high school
                              Raleigh North Carolina
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                              Birthdate: March 9 2000
my life dream is to be his left hand or like one of his pubes
foxesnsoxes foxesnsoxes Mar 02, 2016
Okay that's crazy because Luna is my favorite name and want to name my daughter that😍
slayingbiebah slayingbiebah Jan 26, 2016
Can you teach me how to do splits on that dick? Its for my essay
_Fantom_ _Fantom_ Jan 16, 2016
When I read that part- "with Mags and Oakley.."- was I the only one who  thought of Tyler Oakley???