Karkat x Reader

Karkat x Reader

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Taco Nightmares By AimeeMcKenzie Updated Dec 15, 2015

#TW: swearing,violence,possibility of smut (haven't decided yet) and...FEELS

IF you don't like the main character going all goo-goo eyes over you in the first few chapters I would recommend reading this.

I'm also starting a Homestuck x Reader one shots thing so check that out :3


KikoTheCreepypasta KikoTheCreepypasta Dec 18, 2017
I love art and I only hate ocs when they ruin everything like take our crush, make our life miserable etc etc other then that it's chill, So like if you guys saw a cute short person that's the opposite gender as you what would you do? I would run up to them and hug then yelling how adorable they are
Fan_girl_ally Fan_girl_ally Sep 03, 2017
I love Art.
                              I dont Realy like oc's in x reader's but Its fine and im a gemini and Sollux is ma flipping soul! i could never Hate him ;-;
Fan_girl_ally Fan_girl_ally Sep 03, 2017
how Story me just hates on sollux and im siting here with a bee plush and Sollux gemini shirt on XD
-AwkwardWaffle- -AwkwardWaffle- Feb 06, 2016
I love art and I have a friend named Aime.... WTF IS HAPPENING
Mhmmmmmm729 Mhmmmmmm729 Feb 21, 2016
LET MY CRAPPY DRAWINGS TAKE UP THE WHOLE ROOM!!! *weird laughter* i love art xD
AmberLionHeart AmberLionHeart Jan 31, 2017
omg I love art, not to mention I have a friend named amy (so spelled differently but meh)