Maelstrom|Book 5| A novel in the Blue Moon series| An Avengers fan fiction series|

Maelstrom|Book 5| A novel in the Blue Moon series| An Avengers fan fiction series|

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Sierra Daniels By yourmybeautifulsoul Completed

Being a teenager is hard. But being a pyrokinetic, telekinetic teenager with the prospect of an entire throne to Asgard, is even harder. 

It's been a really lonely summer for Thea, what with Jack away at the Volare camp and not speaking to her, and Peter with him. She's spent her time practicing her powers, taking special tests for Umber Academy, and messing up the occasional date.

What's more, Neidra is still on the horizon, raising an army in order to take the Asgardian throne, and threatening everything Thea holds dear. While at Umber Academy, Thea tries to push these thoughts and troubles away and focus on being a normal high school student. Thea knows how to fight sorceresses and monsters, but the world of bratty girls, high school classes, and scorned love, is a whole new fight for her.

But being "normal" is never part of the equation at Umber Academy, although Thea is even less than normal. 

And everyone around her seems to have a secret. 
Jack, with new powers of his own, is pulling away from her. 
Loki is still in prison.
And Max is keeping something from her, something she with all her powers of manipulation can't get out of him.

All of this sends a spiral into Thea's world, a torrential storm that can only end in turmoil  and the thirst for revenge.

AGothTomboy AGothTomboy Jun 05
Blue eyes, straight ginger hair always in a ponytail, pale skin, quite small in height, freckles covering her face.
                              Thin but not too thin, and anything else you'd like to add I guess...
_Mischief_ _Mischief_ Dec 11, 2015
I really need to get reading on this wonderful series again when school isn't trying to drown me in work... But if Max dies idk if I can keep going 😟
ILikeTheClouds ILikeTheClouds Aug 04, 2015
dark brown eyes, chocolate brown hair, tan skin, and a square ish jawline
ILikeTheClouds ILikeTheClouds Aug 04, 2015
Ryan English (im a girl. a lot of people on wattpad have thought that i was a boy cuz of my name, but i am indeed a girl)
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5'3 light brown/greenish eyes, pale skin, long straight brown hair, athletic build
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Ramrod blonde hair. Blue eyes, rounded face, uneven lips 5'9