The Chosen [Wolf + MxM]

The Chosen [Wolf + MxM]

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Anasa By Anasa17 Updated Sep 06, 2016

The thing about childhood friends is that they don't ever remain children for very long. And for that matter, they don't always remain friends either. Things change. Kids grow up, feelings shift and sometimes friendship isn't enough anymore. Never mind how long Richard and Danyel were close. After spending four years apart, the two had led completely separate lives and moved on from each other without ever realizing. In the end they have to learn that reconciling is far harder than slipping away. Especially in a racially segregated town where a human/Chosen pairing is about as taboo as it gets.

(Major twists not mentioned in the description)

This is not a 'Quick Fic Romance'. That's to say the characters will take their time to build personalities, backstories and relationships. They won't be together, having sex, confessing romantic love and talking about marriage/children by the 5th or 6th chapter. That will come much later. Don't read if you're ONLY looking for fluff or smut. 

COVER BY: BlueBonBon
**WEREWOLF- cliche re-done

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  • kidnapping
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blackout_midnight blackout_midnight Jan 12, 2016
Third time reader and omfg this book is life. Scratch that ALL your books are life!! Your such a talented writer it hurts. 💛💛💛💛
aestheticalyouth aestheticalyouth Nov 04, 2015
This is like my fourth time reading this and its only ever gotten better.
Rachybab3 Rachybab3 May 12, 2014
I'm liking it so far. I hope it doesn't get too ugly between the friends.
xDisobey xDisobey Nov 01, 2013
finally. it's so difficult to find boyxboy  stories with actual substance and skill put into it im so excited to read this weeeee X3 im tired of the rushed romance and fluff so this is what i need right now :)))))
Crazystar Crazystar Aug 18, 2013
do you have any idea how many times i have re read this part and  i still cant get my fix ,its all your fault ,you made me an addict .
Anasa17 Anasa17 Mar 20, 2013
@xclusiv I haven't uploaded Part 2 yet. But when I do, it will be in this same story not a separate book. So it'll continue as Chapter 11, 12, etc.