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Don't be ridiculous (Severus Snape x reader)

Don't be ridiculous (Severus Snape x reader)

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Megan Stevens By obsessedwithanime12 Updated Jan 21, 2016

Sneak Peek
You were sketching in Professor Snape's class. You were a new 5th year at Hogwarts.  You just moved from Paris to London. You had taken a liking to your new professor. "Some, people are so confident, that they feel the need to not pay attention. (L/N)!" Snape said causing you to shut your book and snap your head up towards him. Your French accent was still thick, and sometimes it was hard to understand what you were saying, but Snape could understand you. "Miss (L/N), you just moved here. Yes?" Snape said walking in a circle around your desk. He stared at you and you turned your head away from him saying, in a thick accent "Yes Sir." Snape stared at you and said "You are exceptionally smart. Am I correct?" You nodded slightly and said "In others' opinions, yes." "So, if you are so 'smart' what kind of potion is......this?" He said waving a bottle in front of your face, so you could smell the potion. You breathed in the potions smell and said quietly "It's a polyjuice potion." Snape raised a brow and said "I'm sorry I didn't catch that." You looked at him and said "It's a polyjuice potion, sir." Snape leaned down over your desk and said "What does a polyjucie potion do?" You sighed and said "It allows you to change into the form of another." Snape stood straight and nodded saying "See me after class." Your eyes widened as you realized Snape had taken your book that you were drawing in. You didn't want him to look at the pictures because they were picture of-
Sneek Peek end
You felt a connection towards your teacher and you didn't want him to know about it. However, when you find out Severus Snape loves you more than you ever loved him, what happens to the both of you. 
Read to find out.

I'm just imagining Snape speaking French, sounding much better and know what I'm not gonna say anything else or this is gonna got weird 0//0
lauren_mackenzie4456 lauren_mackenzie4456 Feb 07, 2016
You're obviously using Google translate. There are a lot of very wrong sentences. Like, 'nouveau' means new...
EightBit EightBit Jul 13, 2016
Ten bucks you're using Google Translate... No offense or anything. I can't speak French, but it makes up too much of this chapter.
_TheUnknownWriter_4 _TheUnknownWriter_4 Jul 03, 2016
This book is good, but I don't get the girl's name- (Y/N)? Is that a name?
SkyloxForTheWin SkyloxForTheWin Jul 24, 2016
I am assuming that you used google translate because I am learning French but it's okay because I like the fanfic so far!
AlisonMlr AlisonMlr Aug 27, 2016
You must say : "Lequel est Professeur Rogue ?" Or "Qui est Professeur Rogue"