A Monsters Blood (Akatsuki no yona/Yona of the dawn Fanfic)

A Monsters Blood (Akatsuki no yona/Yona of the dawn Fanfic)

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Akatsuki_No_Yona By Akatsuki_No_Yona Updated Feb 05, 2015

An Akatsuki no yona Fan fiction

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Cursing: okay.☺
                              Bloodshed: sweet!😀
                              Angry old woman: wait, what?
She's not that old
                              Around that time thirty is pretty old since nobody lives up to forty R.I.P
Wonderous_stellar Wonderous_stellar Jan 20, 2016
I'm so confused it would be less confusing if Kin was just transgender
etherealthoughts- etherealthoughts- Oct 16, 2015
I can't read this bc of the angry old women, I find it just plain rude for putting something like that in a book. I'm sorry you seem like a great writer and all, but that just goes against my religion, it's just wrong.