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The Probabilities of Maybe

The Probabilities of Maybe

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W H I T N E Y By wheadee Updated Jun 11

Three months after being sent to a youth camp to build her esteem and happiness, seventeen-year-old Sabrina Arnold is finally free to go home and start her senior year. Determined to do good in school and get into the college her family's favored and finally get the approval from her mother she's always wanted, Sabrina's looking on the upside of life. That is until she meets young and carefree Nico Brown.
                Nico Brown hasn't exactly had an easy life, living on the rough side of the city, he's learned fast that life is short and each day is not promised. Angered by the loss of his brother, Nico's trying his hardest to get past things and make an honest living and do right in school. When he meets Sabrina, seeing the scars on her wrists and the sad and heavy look in her eyes, he can't help but fall for her and want to show her a new way of life. Bringing her joy relinquishes the darkness inside of him, making him think that just maybe things will get better. That is until her mother comes and quickly forbids their union, deeming Nico unfit for Sabrina, opening up more anger and wounds inside of Nico.
                Torn between a boy who does what she can't and a woman she's tried so hard to make happy, Sabrina has no clue what she's to do. Soon, she starts to wonder if maybe it's time to start living for herself and finally put her mother in her place. But ignoring her mother may come with its consequences, because Nico may just be as dangerous as her mother warned.

kash-ton kash-ton Jan 22
Omg that is hot AF! My momma says that all the time 😭 ga weather aint some to play with 😂
This gives me the Friday vibes. "Hey Ms. Parker"😂😂😂😂😂😂
tkglitter tkglitter Jan 20
I was literally about to say "this is like a 90's black film" but then I remembered it's based in the 90's LOL
lexcoupe lexcoupe Jan 19
Damn, the visual of this is crazy. I find Nico to be very poetic actually
lexcoupe lexcoupe Jan 19
Not sure if I missed it before, but I love the addition of a little sister for Nico!
I have never experienced REAL heat. Like some shít that will you damn near passing out until I moved to Las Vegas. The first day I moved here it was 117. I cried