And With Glass Wings...

And With Glass Wings...

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A poet by nature, a storyteller by choice...

They say you must know what you write. Love, life and lust cannot be learnt... they must be endured before they can become the written word. 

Some write their thoughts in diaries, some as songs. 

Some pour their heart and soul into a novel.

But behind every plot; every word, is a story. 

That story became this.

'And With Glass Wings...'

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Handsomedeviant Handsomedeviant Oct 03, 2016
Hey Abby. Where are you? Book signings?
                              You should hang out a bit where it all started for you....interract with some readers. 😎
ToriLerman ToriLerman Jul 08, 2014
omg that was really good! and I actually understand it. I never analyse stories but I get it; she was too young to fly and too fragile to be free. Therefore ahe suffered.
EternalRise EternalRise Jun 01, 2012
You really portrayed the emotions excellently... like... seriously amazing!
                              I-i-i... I'm stunned! YOU. ARE. AMAZING!
                              Don't disagree because a lot of people knows that.
IvanContreras IvanContreras Oct 24, 2011
there's a lot of misses in this place, this wasn't one of them
kristin-marie kristin-marie Aug 29, 2011
These gave me shivers reading.. Spoken straight from a soul who sees things from a perspective beyond years. Your writing is epic in all your stories :)
greenloverbaby556 greenloverbaby556 Apr 07, 2011
this poem is truley amazing i am stunned by it i mean its so deep and yet understandable its just wow im speechless. : )