Glass Heart (a Black Butler Fanfic)

Glass Heart (a Black Butler Fanfic)

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There I lay inside the cell with thick iron bars. The cold floor making me shiver. I silently sobbed even though no more tears would come. I heard loud footsteps. I gasped and scooted to the very back corner of my cell. Whimpering and not daring to look up, I heard the keys jingle and the loud creak signaling someone was coming in.

"Oi! Get up you witch. You have a visitor." the gruff asylum guard's voice shouted. I didn't dare make eye contact or even move. My body felt numb. Barely any feeling any feeling in me was left. The guard clicked his tongue and gripped my left arm tightly pulling my to my feet. I let out loud cries and he threw me in front of a person. I felt my knees scrape against the hard floors probably bleeding. The same for the palms of my hands. Tears dropped onto the floor between my hands. 

"Perhaps you should not treat a possible servant of mine that way. I wouldn't pay for a broken item." a chillingly seductive voice spoke. "I request for you to leave us." 


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I'm glad you didn't make Sebastian have "raven hair". He's a crow demon, for crying out loud!