Sadistically Devoted ‡

Sadistically Devoted ‡

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♡ Porcelain Doll ♡ By vampirexchild Completed

"I cried out when his fangs pierced my raw and bleeding wound. A vampire. I belonged to a vampire. A monster. Right then and there, I resolved that I hadn't come to live in a beautiful mansion with expensive clothes and a helpful maid. No at all as I thought I had. This wasn't a resort. This wasn't heaven."

        "This was hell."

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(I wrote this when I was 10/13, it's very cringey.)

Crimson_Night667 Crimson_Night667 Nov 17, 2016
Ok I love you right now. First MCR and Andy I'm so stickin with this story
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Dec 19, 2016
Um so I'm assuming that the romance is between her and the "owner", but if he is her relative that's kind of gross. No matter how distant, they are related. Hope that part was a lie so he could get her to come to his house for whatever reason it may be
Sarahbear_19 Sarahbear_19 Nov 14, 2016
Here comes the nostalgia, I must listen to black veil brides now
jazzylolz1010 jazzylolz1010 Mar 19, 2016
Me inhales deep (so deep, too deep) tue nosescé #doge #sorrynotsorry
juliajj juliajj Apr 17, 2016
Why did I just get an update for chapter 1 of a story I have read already?