A Beck and Tori (Bori) Love Story

A Beck and Tori (Bori) Love Story

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Tumblrbaby99 By Tumblrbaby99 Updated May 31, 2014

Heyyy, this is my first story.. soo, I hope you enjoy! ;)

Toris POV:

Its the first day back at school (Hollywood Arts) and I'm not sure if Im excited or not? Im excited about seeing my friends and stuff, yeah, but I've kinda had this small.. well, big crush on Beck Oliver (yeah one of my good friends). Problem is, he is going out with my friend/enemy Jade. I have had a crush on him since the first day I met him, but my liking for him is getting stronger everyday seeing him with Jade. Although lately they have been fighting like crazy, normally because Jade is jealous of all the girls who follow Beck. I know it sounds mean, but Im kind of happy because Im one step closer to go out with Beck. 

As I walk into the front doors of Hollywood Arts, I notice Cat sitting up against her locker crying.                 

'Cat, are you ok?' I ask

'No, It.. it.. happened!' she cried, bursting into tears once again.

'What happened?' I asked curiously.

'They broke up!' Cat said, 'Beck and Jade!' ...

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