5 Seconds of Summer Dirty Imagines & Preferences

5 Seconds of Summer Dirty Imagines & Preferences

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heavy dirty soul✖ By virgindolans Updated Nov 29


swear words are contained on all imagines and/or preferences

All imagines and preferences written in this book are all mine. None of them are from Tumblr, Pinterest, or any other website possible.

You must be 13+ to read this book. If you feel uncomfortable and you're going to slam me with hate comments, don't read this.

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Any requests that are put in after the end date will not be written until next request date.

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I'm so happy, my name, that I hate, is in a book as the main character
pikachu_9603 pikachu_9603 Dec 15, 2015
Kinda confused here.😂 um it says she's a virgin but she ended grounded and 'pregnant' ?? How'd she end up pregnant if she's a virgin?
virgindolans virgindolans Jan 11, 2015
Alright!! Message me when you're ready! @BVBwillruletheworld5
virgindolans virgindolans Jan 10, 2015
Of course you can have one @BVBwillruletheworld5 and I love Bart Baker!