Mute (Kellic)

Mute (Kellic)

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Ashton Quinn By suicidalbandz Updated Feb 21, 2016

Kellin Quinn was a name no one heard. He is a loner, a nobody. No one cared when he moved schools. No one cared about the mysterious bruises and cuts on his body. No one cared when he was hospitalized for something his father did to him. He always thought no one cared for him. It's just how his life always went.

So how does he cope when someone tries to show that they care about him? Will he be able to let them in or will he push them away?

- - -
This story may be triggering to some readers.

This story does have self-harm, abuse, rape (not detailed. It happens twice), mentions of rape, and an abortion.
The chapters where these happen will have two asterisks(**) next to the title. If it is mentioned in the chapter I will put a single asterisk(*) beside the title.

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The doors on our bathrooms don't close all the way, much less lock. And my room doesn't even have a door.
Vic you're going to be putting your dingaling in his butt you better be nice
- - May 24
Are you kidding me I get homework from every teacher every night without fail, I have for years.
climbing up the backdoor didn't leave a mark, no one knows its you Ms. Jackson.
wait wth how'd they let him go home without some type of investigation or something