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2015, January | Harlem, New York 

I heard this one weird saying that you can tell who a person is by their spouse or their significant other. My friend had gotten it tattooed on her after her boyfriend of three was sentenced to life in prison for 2nd degree murder. I told her it was a stupid tattoo, and she only responded by slapping me across the face. Apparently, she didn't want to hear it. But I meant it: it was a stupid tattoo. I didn't believe that one bit. You were comparing the actions of someone else to an innocent person who just so happened to be in love with them.

Maybe I felt so strongly about the tattoo because at the time, I believed that that tattoo could just be a hint of shade thrown at me.

I was dating my boyfriend Reid at the time. It was a sweet relationship. We both resided in a small sunny town in Compton and according to our yearbook, we were voted 'Cutest Couple'. It was everything that Generation Highschool talked about: "Isis and Reid" or "...

-iridxscent -iridxscent Jan 03
"& I'm the NICEST chick 
                              you'll ever MEET in the STREETS
                              but dont let my SWEETS mislead you
                              I'ma BEAST with these BEATS.
                              I'm UNSTOPPABLE, 
                              tryna beat me?
                              In any situation, I'm the hero,
                              KIM POSSIBLE"
                              BARRRRS (I deadass just made this up 😛)
AsiaJ1 AsiaJ1 Nov 14, 2016
That second hand smoke ain't no joke 😭😭😭cause you be feeling it if it's hot box
AbrianinParidise AbrianinParidise Jun 05, 2016
Once my friend slapped me in my face hard and I chased her around punching her in the a multiple times. And then he has the nerve to say it wasn't that serious. Come on now
asharidiamond asharidiamond Jul 21, 2016
That's ignorant tho, don't tell someone else how they feel about another person
Saucii Saucii May 02, 2016
NOO You Should've Stayed In There And Supported Him And His Sister
seeingsounds seeingsounds Oct 07, 2016
being a teen mom is nothing to be exactly shamed or outcasted for, at least she's letting you know as a friend that you should go down a different road that she's still and will forever go through.