The Tyranny Of Beauty (Memoirs of a Siren)

The Tyranny Of Beauty (Memoirs of a Siren)

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Kevin Moore By kmthewriter Updated Feb 04, 2018

These are writings directly from the journals of the late Siren, Brianna Aries, Born November 3rd, 1537. She was believed to have been killed around the year 1936 by a Master Vampire. This was never confirmed and strongly questioned due to recent journal entries. Many believe someone added memoirs to her journals; some believe she had risen from her grave only to complete her work in her journal; but there are always the few who believe the great Breanna Aries is still among us...just watching, and waiting for what we know not. We do know these memoirs, old and new, are written to us.

December 25, 2013 – 1:07am

...In this, my darkness hour, I see and feel the most beautiful things. The howl of wind brushing through trees; the unsounds of the pitch black night creates the most beautiful music of isolation and solitude. How I wish you could see what I see now. As I stare out of my window with my eyes fixed on something in the dark trees, a few spills of moonlight find their way through.

Maybe it’s nothing. An apparition of a distant memory? My imagination? Déjà Vu?

…or something else.

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