Lies, Lust & Betrayal

Lies, Lust & Betrayal

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Shamane By BeautifullyLit Completed

Maya White's life was damn near perfect. She's engaged to the love of her life NBA star Shawn Price and owns her own publishing company. That is until some deranged woman files a lawsuit against her out of nowhere. Is it just a coincidence or is it the beginning of a bitter, fierce, and deranged  rivalry?

Kira Azure seems to have it all. She has a great husband and a successful career, but she would trade it all in a heart beat for the one thing she can't have. Will her void cause her to sabotage her own life?

Monique Adams isn't just anybody. She's an award winning actress. People wish they could be her. Despite the fame there are internal battles she must face. That includes an old flame that she refuses to let burn. Can she find peace within her past, or will she loose more than what she's ever had?

Three best friends, three struggles, three paths who will be left standing? Who will have something left to stand for?

  • betrayal
  • decisions
  • drama
  • fiction
  • urban
noddesswriting noddesswriting Jul 20, 2016
She would a got popped in her face , IDC how rich yo ass it.
ParisFountaine ParisFountaine Feb 16, 2015
it should be I turned a around to get the phone as the delivery man approached me.
britt_2786 britt_2786 Jan 13, 2015
angie starting too give me a headache. she needs too move on already!!!! lol
grungeeeee grungeeeee Jan 12, 2015
Well, damn .. Plot twist much ? I never expected her to be a pill popper :/
grungeeeee grungeeeee Jan 12, 2015
Omg, weird ass. & of course YOU think he was meant for you.