PENTA BROTHERS SERIES IV - The Prince and the Wallflower (BRYE)

PENTA BROTHERS SERIES IV - The Prince and the Wallflower (BRYE)

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They call him, "The Prince of the Hardcourt". With his princely attitude and naughty smile, anyone would get an idea that he's someone who's not easy to handle with. BUT, he's good, especially with the GIRLS.

They call her "The Wallflower". NO ONE WOULD EVER DARE (at least there are some) who would want to be with her because of her 'TOO EXTREME' secluded and shy personality. Her stares are blank, distant and unemotional. Though she's a BEAUTY, her cold aura still bursts from within, and for them, IT's A WASTE.

Now, when the Prince met the Wallflower, problems BEGUN. The Prince's charms won't even get into the senses of the Wallflower, much more when she called him, "UGLY and PATHETIC". Then, he took the challenge.

Just what will happen between the TWO of them?

Meet the P5NTA Brothers! THE five 'hawt' guys, with old name, old fame, and old money.

CLINT MONTEVERRO - The Campus Sweetheart/Cold-Hearted Guy
OSMOND IMPROSO - The Crownless King of the Band/Cold-Blooded, Oblivious Being
GEOFF DELA TORRE - The Emperor/Jester (a bit) and No-Idea in ONE
BRYE MONTEVERRO - The Prince of the Hardcourt/ Idiotic Clown
RAFFY DEL PIERRO - The Perfectionist/ Soft, Kind, (yet Sarcastic)

Follow them with their different adventures of 'FIRSTs' in LOVE :)

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