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I Don't Date Bad Boys #Wattys2015 (Completed)

I Don't Date Bad Boys #Wattys2015 (Completed)

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♡ By glam_chic1238 Completed

WARNING: this book has a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors so if you are willing to take the risk in reading it, then you can 

Brooke Evans had her whole life planned out. She knew what college she was going to, she knew what she was going to be and she knew how to live happily ever after. 

Until a bad boy rudely steps into her life and ruins her plans. Of course he likes her! It's his life mission to get her in bed.  And she's not going to let that happen. 

Chace Reed is the new boy and he's bad. He's rich, smart and good looking! But he's way too rude and annoying for Brooke. But he's not going to give up. He's going to make her fall in love with him and he's gonna win. 


~Steadily, he brushed my hair out of my face and his flawless hazel eyes looked deep into mine. Suddenly, I felt his warm soft lips against mine. He probably had this all planned out. He kissed me slowly and smoothly. It was perfect. I kissed him back. He held me close and his lips melted into mine. It was indescribable. I felt a sensation rush through me~

"But I don't date bad boys"

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                              Become famous somehow
                              Get rich
                              Marry someone
                              Not have kids because I didn't find anyone to marry
                              Get dogs
                              Die alone with my dogs
                              The end
                              Publish a book
                              Build a mansion for my mom
I look and sound like a demented seal. You know when they clap their hands together and bark loudly. That's me
Millie1369 Millie1369 Nov 21, 2016
Some guy said that to me and I was like "umm thanks but I think I look like a dying hyena when I laugh but ok..."
wyanneth wyanneth Aug 13, 2016
And then she's not gonna like and and then they say the i love yous and then poof happily ever after
Get A* in all my GCSE and A levels.
                               Go to Lancaster University. 
                              Do a degree in creative writing. 
                              Become a successful author. 
                              Win a Nobel prize for literature.
                              Live with my love....
                              Ice cream