Two Strangers #Book 1 *EDITING TWICE*

Two Strangers #Book 1 *EDITING TWICE*

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"Humanity is the biggest weakness of a vampire. They have every single emotion that defines a human being, with love and mercy standing out of course. Caring about each other and showing their sensitive side is part of it too. But the fun part starts when you are sick of feeling and you decide to get rid of those emotions. When you get rid of your humanity."

Kol Mikealson was never weak. He never had to worry about feeling, since he had stopped doing that long time ago, after he met..

Well it doesn't matter now, does it? The past was now a distant memory.

That was, until he met Davina Claire.

That little witch who stormed in his life and changed his theories. Who would have thought that in one night, he would meet that one person which would make him feel again? 

Who could have imagined that a single witch could be the downfall of Kol Mikealson?

Because he had to admit it, he could have never imagined it, even in his wildest dreams.

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What a nice introduction...
                              Really Marcel?!!??!
You know most people wouldn't be so calm learning about supernatural beings in the world
Hahahahahaha Just like when Damon tried to do that to Elena. EPIC FAIL BUDDY
MeTheFangirl96 MeTheFangirl96 Feb 23, 2016
Its amazinggg!! I'm loving it so far and i ship Kol and Davina so much <3
Fûck Feminine. I'm going to sit on the cough surrounded by junk food and binge watch ppl while screaming at everybody on the show even though they can't hear me.
Ann-jey Ann-jey Jul 09, 2015
@03_sammy Thanks :) And if you don't know, there is gonna be a second book ;)