Sting Eucliffe x Reader

Sting Eucliffe x Reader

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You, my dear friend, are indeed the new girl in school. You're a study freak and love the heck out of that fact. You expected high school to be filled with the same people you found in your everyday life. Ignorant, lovesick, and distracted insects. Well, one of them can be an exception. A very beautiful blonde delinquent who (very smoothly) met you by hitting you with his bike.


I give you a Japanese-style high school fanfiction of the bodacious Sting Eucliffe! This is for you my lovely readers! Now, let's see how many romantic cliched anime/manga moments I can fit in here.

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Lol! Don't worry, follow your guts and you'll know you are going the right way! *walks away and trips over a rock* Ow! Um...don't worry guys! I meant to do that on purpose...ow...
SashTheFox SashTheFox Jul 26
Me if I was in anime: *walks out*
                              Me irl: I'm sorry do I know you?
Me in a anime:*slowly walks out * sorry...wrong class
                              Me irl:* falls on knees and starts balling my eyes out* oh dear god please have mercy onmy soul and get this guy AWAY FROM ME!!!
catbiites catbiites Nov 05, 2016
Me tbh
                              My education means more to me
                              I can make friends later in life. I'm not redoing school.
Plot twist 
                              You suddenly become super popular and all the boys love you.
                              That's cliche
That's one of the many reasons I love this guy 😍😍😍😍😍😍