adelaide ⌁  barry allen

adelaide ⌁ barry allen

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jayn By blameylamey Updated Dec 08, 2017

Adelaide and Barry were best friends, practically no one could tear them apart, except for the daughter of the police detective Iris West, ever since her and Barry were introduced together when they were young, things has changed for the so close friends as they begin to go their distance starting High School, Adelaide was focusing on her own things, her future. While Barry was focusing on his as well. 
  Now that University has come to town, Adelaide traveled across the Globe for her dream University away from Central City and now that she has pursued her dreams as a lawyer and a detective she comes back to town with a changed mind and attitude. 
  But once she comes back will she ever leave?

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SineadisanAssbutt SineadisanAssbutt Aug 29, 2017
"Do you remember why that excuse was particularly memorable?"
                              "Because I do not own a car."
WallabyReads WallabyReads Sep 21, 2016
When that guy talks about his Dad's pen, I'm just like, sucks to be you! 😎
mbappes mbappes Mar 22, 2016
jordanchaneljara jordanchaneljara Oct 01, 2016
i also need to be in a relationship...... JUST KIDDING💁💁💁💁🙎🙎👑👑
empty_blacksoul empty_blacksoul Jan 03, 2016
Why is iris all friendly with addy even tho they didn't get along in the past 😅 God iris can be so complicated😅😂
gerarclvvay gerarclvvay Jun 20, 2015
It is aggravating. I'm making a fanfic to a show on another account, and it is tiring. 
                              I personally would write a chapter ahead and publish the chapter that you've finished working on on a certain day, continue writing chapters ahead, and publish chapters one week apart.