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The Descendants Academy (Book Two) - The North Star

The Descendants Academy (Book Two) - The North Star

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IsaCherryAnne By AnnaIsali Updated Jul 14, 2016

After being thrust into a world where Gods still ruled over the mere mortals, Sang Sorenson had hoped that her first days at the Academy would prove to be no different to her previous school experiences but the events of the bonfire have made her a legend amongst the other students and she struggles to come to grips with her newfound popularity and the expectations that everyone is heaping upon her shoulders.
As a student turns up dead in the library with Sang's name written in blood beside her, the nine boys that have declared her as the tenth in their Oikia will find that something sinister has followed Sang into the school, and that it may be too much for them to handle while their bond remains so fragile.

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle. The Academy, Ghost Bird, or Scarab Beetle and their characters are the property of CL Stone, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Mythos Series. All details and references to these stories remain the sole property of Jennifer Estep.

LakeBookReviews LakeBookReviews Jun 29, 2015
I agree with Jennifer and AL. Just wondering what is going in...
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Jun 29, 2015
I know I've read this before... :)
                               I'm not seeing a comment from me, so I'll take the time to say I love this story!!!! Yay!
SilasAggeleMou SilasAggeleMou Jun 29, 2015
Did I miss something? Are you rewriting this? I thought I remembered more, but maybe it was just on the forum? Aren't there some scenes with a supportive Raven? Just checking cause it said I hadn't voted on this chapter before.
Academylove Academylove Jun 29, 2015
Why is it that is says you updated this chapter and where is the rest of it?  Whatever the reason, I am ready to reread it as you post up each chapter.  You are an amazing author ISA.  All the pretty eyes are coming your way.
anon2404 anon2404 Jun 29, 2015
Brilliant.  You're on my Champion list and you always meet expectations.
mariasakura2000 mariasakura2000 Apr 19, 2015
I am going to cry when it comes to the end of the story and I'll have to wait an eternity for you to update!!!!!