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The Thoughts That Weren't Suicidal

The Thoughts That Weren't Suicidal

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Lana Sullivan By lanasullivan_ Completed

My body began to curl itself into a ball and whimpers and sounds of pain helplessly escaped from my throat. The startled animal sounds began to project from my body as it continued to go into shut down mode. 
    It was like the walls started to just collapse and all of the rubble was falling on top of me and only me. I heard people screaming and shouting, but for some reason I felt I was the only who could honestly hear them. They were screaming for me to leave, to just run away. They were all so scared of this catastrophic earthquake. 
   Because everything that they knew was falling apart. 
   "Adri. Adri pay attention to me." Kris's soft whispers broke through the chaotic screaming. I whimpered reaching out for it, but someone was trying to stop her. 
   "Don't touch her. She won-"
    Kris ignored Tabitha's warning and I was grateful because it felt so nice to have Kris's arms and scent around me. It was like her arms were putting everything back together, and the shaking was beginning to settle. 
   "Kris I need to-"
   "Get that the fuck away from her."
   "Get out!" I screamed for Kris, clasping my arms tightly around Kris. 
    I heard faint footsteps walking away from me, and then the door shut. It was then that the tsunami came, and all of the tears ended up washed up on Kris's shirt. Kris didn't seem to mind though. She accepted and encouraged them. Welcomed them with that soothing sound of sweet nothings that the voices desperately needed to hear. 
    It was then that I realized something that I would've been extremely resilient to admit a week ago, but was now ready to scream from the top of all of the mountains with the loudest megaphone in the world. 
    I love her.

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