Surviving The Undead (Naruto AU FanFiction)

Surviving The Undead (Naruto AU FanFiction)

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Sakura Haruno, and her two childhood best friends, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki, try to escape their high school because of a sudden zombie-attack. 

After drifting apart from each other in high school, they decided to stay together again and try to find their remaining childhood friends who have moved away as they got older. 

However, they must do it all while...

'Surviving The Undead'


Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, Masashi Kishimoto does. //Except for OCs//

Judging by the bat, I am know convinced that this story was inspired of hotd
why can I imagine this so realistically? this is scaring me.THE BEST ZOMBIE NARUTO AU STORY EVSAA
ssuchiiha ssuchiiha Jul 16
my brother started watching TWD while i was reading his lmao
Omg this book kinda creep the hell out of me but i luvv it Q~Q
IIMs_ShipperII IIMs_ShipperII Aug 17, 2016
🎤why dafuq you lying,why you always lying,mhmmm ohmygod stop fking lying
hazlenut_icecream hazlenut_icecream Dec 20, 2016
Omg she's acting like rei in highschool of the dead. I hate that girl