My bloody Romance (Jeff the killer x reader)

My bloody Romance (Jeff the killer x reader)

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Shayla (Ayy whaddup) By ShaylaPhantomhive Updated Dec 01

Your name is (Y/N) (L/N). Your father has gotten a job at some far away place he refuses to tell you the name of and says you suddenly have to move.
You're forced to leave your life behind and all the memories with it, leaving your friends who you considered family and leaving the house you have lived in for pretty much all your life, until now of course.

When you arrive at the new mysterious town you instantly feel like your being watched, but you shrug it off and continue unloading the car of boxes and crap into your new house. 

You know it will never be the same, 
and you're quite right about that.

A Jeff the killer x reader fanfic

All credit goes to the original Jeff the killer creator and all creepypastas who show may show up in this fanfic.
Please enjoy!! =(^+^)=

Cover drawn by myself :)

My name: Talia (I will use Toast.) 
                              My eye color: a nearly white blue 
                              Hair color: dark blood red 
                              Skin color: pale 
                              Height: fire foot two :3 
                              Favorite color!: PURPLEEE
Thanks for including vampiers I appreciate it btw some vampires eyes change coler depending apon there mood
duhitzangel duhitzangel Nov 19
                              Pastel blue
                              5'1" (actual hight)
Id rather have my chemical romance than my bloody romance :D
Name(using my OC):Makenzie Woods (oops oh well) 
                              Eye colour: Chocolate brown (or mocha eyes... I'm so sorry) 
                              Hair: Dark brown and a bit of blue
                              Skin: Very pale 
                              Height: 5'9 
                              Fav colour: Bright blue
Moxy4ever Moxy4ever Nov 11
                              Red (because it reminds me of blood XD