Blood Witch: the sequel to Water Witch
    Alaysha has the power to drain living things of their water--she just can't put it back.
    Sarum is under siege and a recovering Alaysha finds herself at the heart of a covert war where even the enemy is unknown. Whether it's the father she has spent nineteen years killing for, the witch of flame who promises to teach her control, or the charismatic Yenic who claims to love her, she must ultimately decide who to trust. If only that trust didn't come at such a high price.
    Blood Witch is book two in the Elemental Magic series, a new adult fantasy series for women of all ages, but recommended for those over seventeen. There's a good bit of intrigue, a smidgen of magic, and of course, some steamy romance.
    These are the sample chapters from a complete novel.
Hi there!
                                    I love the subtleties of your magic, the meaning of colors, the details you have put into every little action; it makes for a great read! You created a palpable tension between the characters through those details. (At least, I thought so)
I'm intrigued.  This is very different from the kind of stories I typically migrate to, but that's a good thing. I'm eager to read more :)