Sengoku basara one shots

Sengoku basara one shots

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XxBlackButterflyX By XxBlackButterflyX Updated Jan 22

This is a serious of sengoku basara one shots, baby daddies, lemons and others 

If you have a request please private message me ^_^ 

Characters all sengoku basara 

Date masamune, sanada yukimura, chosokabe motochika, motonari mori, Tokugawa ieyasu, ishida mitsunari kotaro fuma, and maybe kojuro

My OC's are included in each of my one shots if you request a one shot let me or send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE so I don't have to use an OC for your one shot


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And Sasuke sitting in the background like "Yeah, they're weirdos but they're my weirdos..." *sigh* 😂 @cpk1223 @KizuneK
KizuneK KizuneK Oct 30, 2017
I guess they didn’t have YouTube
                              I always listen to organs squelching rhythmically
                              To fall into a slumber
KizuneK KizuneK Oct 30, 2017
Spare me the details Mori =-=
                              Lettuce commence baby making ritual
                              ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )
KizuneK KizuneK Oct 30, 2017
^^ bro you have no idea how much I replayed this part when I was watching the anime
KizuneK KizuneK Oct 30, 2017
Imagine there were guards posted outside
                              I don’t know if there are
                              But just imagine them listening in on this
emnkync emnkync Nov 09, 2016
(*embarrassed*) umm.....can you write a yukimura x reader lemon oneshot,please?