The Secret Necklace

The Secret Necklace

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Maddi By i_love_penguins Updated Oct 30, 2011

The secret Necklace is an adventure slash romance novel. 
Allie, the main character, lives in a group home along with 12 other kids.
But when a new Group home teen moves in emotions get thrown around and secrets will be revealed.
Darren knows just who Allies parents really were.
But so does Ace, the most enchanting boy when Allie first met him, but what will happen when she realizes that it was all an act and that she only has a limited amount of time to fine these valuable gems that her parents left behind.

Will she find the gems?

Will she fall in love?

Can she figure out who her parents really were?

Who she really is?
Read to figure out the Mysterious events happening in this not so average teen's Life!!!

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i_love_penguins i_love_penguins Feb 18, 2012
@CJRose yes I will!:)
                               @smileyface131 I will! Having writers block right now but when I update I will for sure!!
CJRose CJRose Dec 22, 2011
Hey, really gd book! ima be adding it to mah reading list! just 1 quick and stupid question, if u have time cn you read mine? i really need some feedback! thanks! :)
i_love_penguins i_love_penguins Aug 16, 2011
@realityxfantasy Could you Private message me some of the grammatical errors? please :)
realityxfantasy realityxfantasy Aug 16, 2011
You have a few grammatical errors, but you have really good dialogue :) The story is interesting and I like your plot. Keep writing!
i_love_penguins i_love_penguins Aug 10, 2011
@leigh_  Thankyou!!! I really need someone to edit my stories so ill be sure to find someone!!
leigh_ leigh_ Aug 07, 2011
this is a really good story, there is a good balance between dialogue and description and i like how your concept is unique. there are a couple of grammar errors but nothing major, so well done <3 *voted*