The Lost Heir (Book I)- The Violet City

The Lost Heir (Book I)- The Violet City

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Allison Whitmore By AllisonWhitmore Completed

A holiday fantasy story told in two parts. 

Book I: An empath teenager discovers a magical world beneath her family hotel and new friends who just might make life worth living again. That is, if the mad man who is twisting her mind in knots, doesn't get to her first.

Fall into the world of secrets, Empaths, morphlings and fair folk with Isabella Foxworthy and her friends: Seth Logan, the guitar-playing jock who just can't leave her alone, his brother Micah, and the overly indulged but genius twins, Cleo and Xander.  

Please note: this is the first draft. The fully proofread draft was published. I'll try to post it someday soon.

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