The Lost Heir (Book I)- The Violet City

The Lost Heir (Book I)- The Violet City

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Pre-published version and first half of The Lost Heir (now on Amazon with fabulous new cover by Amalia Chitulescu). This version includes a later draft of the book previous to our time with our editor and publisher, Booktrope. We hope you enjoy it, and we love the support!  -- Allison Whitmore, Erin Virginia, Grace Arden

The story:

An empath teenager discovers a magical world beneath her family hotel and new friends who just might make life worth living again. That is, if the mad man who is twisting her mind in knots, doesn't get to her first.

Fall into the world of secrets, Empaths, morphlings and fair folk with Isabella Foxworthy and her friends: Seth Logan, the guitar-playing jock who just can't leave her alone, his brother Micah, and the overly indulged but genius twins, Cleo and Xander.  

The Trailer:

Happy reading!

My co-authors and I plan to make a series out of what we'd like to call "The Diadem Chronicles" one of these days!

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MelanieJensen6 MelanieJensen6 Mar 10, 2017
Just wondering, should the word be 'concert' not 'concern'?
                              I am loving the book so far :)
AmazingVictoria4 AmazingVictoria4 Aug 14, 2017
I don't trust this guy already. Someone should not feel a rush of coldness when someone else touches them. And to add to that statement, why is he touching her? She doesn't know him... Or act like she doesn't. He just gives me the creeps
NyanPotato2027 NyanPotato2027 Apr 01, 2017
I feel like the author planned that when you get to try present day the sound ends
AmazingVictoria4 AmazingVictoria4 Aug 14, 2017
Yay decorating on my birthday!!!!!!! Sounds like fun!!!!!!!!
AmazingVictoria4 AmazingVictoria4 Aug 14, 2017
I already feel kinda emotional and the first paragraph is amazing!!!!!!! Nice job!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read more!!!!!!!
incompatable- incompatable- Apr 30, 2016
Author.... Can I please please enter this book and beat up the bully myself?? *sigh*