When He wills ♥

When He wills ♥

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Beijingflyers By Beingmuslimah Completed

#10 in  spiritual  (2016)

"YOU ARE AN ANIMAL, BLOODY CRUEL MORON MR AZAAN YAHYA." She shouted rubbing her elbow. 
"You shouldn't have said these words woman. Until now I was being very lenient but now I will show you how an animal, bloody cruel husbands are". He said.

Sehrish 21 years always wanted to be a photographer. She wanted to get noticed in this crowd. She planned her life as she was very hardworking but Allah wants something else for her. Her priority everything was changed but this wasn't easy. A girl who always admire a stylish personality man is forced to choose a simple, boring and religious and for her a cruel person.
She tried to fight against her luck but little did she knew that everything happens When he wills ♥

Kattyfati Kattyfati Jun 02
Well true it's a fact that people consider art for losers but I think it's not....................everything is beautiful
kiranjaved kiranjaved Jun 07
Arts is deep. People with depth study that. Nobody is a looser.
This is so relatable as I'm in love with art but an engineering student😢
Vaishnatch Vaishnatch 4 days ago
People who study arts arent losers. Every degree has its own value and its own difficulty. Arts lets us think free and have a lot of creativity than anyother major
Ooooo .....we are also 4 siblings and also im the middle one .....3 sisters 1 brother ......oh nice 😍
learning_muslimah learning_muslimah Feb 18, 2016
Waalaikumassalaam sis please do update In Shaa Allah , we just love this book and you are really an amazing writer Mashallah ! ♥