Whispers from the Void [The Archon Saga]

Whispers from the Void [The Archon Saga]

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Alex Reiden By Alex-Reiden Completed

We are not alone.

There are forces beyond the vastness of space, existing in the realm between life and death. They are the archons, but they have been known by other names: angels, demons, ghosts, gods.

Among them, Danna Gallagher is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Led by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and coveted by a malevolent spirit, she faces her own mysterious origin as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and to whom she must deliver a fate darker than the blackest night.

Possessing the wrath of a goddess and the ignorance of a mortal, Taylor Calvin wrought a life of violence and hatred. Now she wishes to atone for the sins of the past - not only her own, but her father's as well. Seizing a newfound awareness, she wrestles her inner demons to prevent history from repeating itself.

Amber Walker hides the scars of a tortured past at the hands of the Calvins beneath a strength earned by trial. Blessed with the seeker's gift and the severed soul of her past rival, the victim has become the hunter. Not even an archon will keep her from the truth she seeks, but what she uncovers may be more than she can weather.

When his father was taken from him at a young age, Eric Bryce was thrust into the world of the archons. More than any other, he knows how to unravel their deepest mysteries - and the perils within them. He alone can guide his friends through a darkness only he is wise enough to fear.

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JWCMaher JWCMaher Aug 17, 2017
You've made a lovely world, layered nicely throughout. No info dumps, which is always refreshing! 
                              Can't wait to find out more about the baby with half a soul! Nice start.
AdamFenner AdamFenner Apr 25, 2017
Great start, looking forward to what comes next. 
                              I'm not spun up on all the archon and other magic stuff at this point, hoping it is more clear later on. 
                              Half a soul though, this could get interesting.
Craja67 Craja67 Jun 12, 2017
Sorry thwre were so many issues at the beginning of thw story that i could not get into it. Repeated liness, partial paragraphs etc
anioveson anioveson Jan 31, 2016
I'm crying, I thought Don was dead...and he's my favorite character so far!(and its only the first chapter)
cherishedmortal cherishedmortal Sep 07, 2016
My main takeaway from this chapter is that Don is missing out on a lucrative career as a birth attendant with that kind of baby-delivering skill! Haha, but seriously I really enjoyed it. Reading on!
anioveson anioveson Jan 31, 2016
Omg best book ever! I was crying saying, "Terry! Nooooooo!!!" I was so happy when Taylor was born. This book is so good it should become a movie, and a best selling book.