Forgive me Father, for I have sinned || Destiel - Demon!Dean & Priest!Castiel

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned || Destiel - Demon!Dean & Priest!Castiel

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Castiel James Novak is a good man. Not because he was a priest and told people about the word of God and also because he lived by the Bible. He was a good man because he just was. He was kind, he was generous, he held his heart in his hands and he never turned anybody away.

All Castiel wanted that night was for God to talk to him, just once. He had prayed and prayed so many times before but there was no reply. He had read in a book somewhere about certain sigils and  markings and a few words would summon God or the Holy Ghost to him and Castiel had run out of ideas. So one night, that was exactly what he did.

Castiel James Novak didn't know that the markings he had put down and the incantations he had spoken did not in fact summon the Holy Ghost, except they brought down upon him his worst nightmare.

A Demon named Dean.

*Art not mine but i edited it a bit so i could put the title on :-D*

*Yet another new story and i hope you guys enjoy this one just as much*

Credit to @theofficialkitty for the cover

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HalieB2000 HalieB2000 Dec 20, 2017
Let me guess, you're married to the tin man but you have a thing for scarecrows😁
Is this serious? .... Some of the people on here make me sick...
                              But anyways, hi I'm new to the fandom. (Literally met Castiel last episode) and I hope this is the start of my journey on the ship called destiel.
Arsenic_Catnip33 Arsenic_Catnip33 Dec 12, 2017
I suddenly want Castiel to listen to music on youtube and dance along a bit while singing. And like Cas in a sweater and some baggy pants and socks XD
iiThinkTheFuckNot iiThinkTheFuckNot Dec 29, 2017
I’m conflicted cause I don’t know if I should start singing FOB or Panic!
Ok-spn Ok-spn Dec 21, 2017
As someone from the north of England I can confirm this is how we speak... though I don’t say ‘Mam’ lmao
Boi if u dont sit yo i love pie head ass tf down JK JK KEEP GOING😂