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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned || Destiel - Demon!Dean & Priest!Castiel

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned || Destiel - Demon!Dean & Priest!Castiel

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Castiel James Novak is a good man. Not because he was a priest and told people about the word of God and also because he lived by the Bible. He was a good man because he just was. He was kind, he was generous, he held his heart in his hands and he never turned anybody away.

All Castiel wanted that night was for God to talk to him, just once. He had prayed and prayed so many times before but there was no reply. He had read in a book somewhere about certain sigils and  markings and a few words would summon God or the Holy Ghost to him and Castiel had run out of ideas. So one night, that was exactly what he did.

Castiel James Novak didn't know that the markings he had put down and the incantations he had spoken did not in fact summon the Holy Ghost, except they brought down upon him his worst nightmare.

A Demon named Dean.

*Art not mine but i edited it a bit so i could put the title on :-D*

*Yet another new story and i hope you guys enjoy this one just as much*

Credit to @theofficialkitty for the cover

Toby? I didn't know Mrs. Lovett survived being thrown into a fire and having her throat slit or are you talking about Joanna. 
                              Sorry I'll leave now.
I will steal all his coffee cups and draw anti possession symbols on them and then return them to him.
the only thing i know about God and stuff is from supernatural and all of my years in sunday school but oops, i never payed attention
from my perspective, he is talking to no one, but this is a book of fiction 🤷‍♀️
This has nothing to do with the story but that made me remember I had those people who come to your door with a bible chase me down the street because I wouldn't answer them, great times
i was chewing on some wheat thins and abruptly stopped when i read "spreading my legs"